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The Royal Court School of Etiquette opens its royal gates to special subjects seeking to break the seemingly unattainable mysterious chivalrous codes of social graces, confidence, poise… The chivalrous codes may be mysterious but definitely not unattainable.

Why Attend?

Children and adults often feel uncomfortable in new or formal situations. Attendees of the Royal Court School of Etiquette will receive the knowledge of the rules of etiquette, poise, confidence and positive attitudes.

"Be The Best Ye Can Be"

Within the walls of the Royal Court you will learn to:

Make good first impressions

Perfect good posture and walking

Sit pretty (ladies)- Sit straight (gentlemen)

Cultivate a pleasant voice

Use pleasing telephone etiquette

Exhibit good dining manners and table setting

Enhance and develop personal grooming

Treat others with respect

Become a social success

Business Etiquette and Protocol

 Royal Class Offerings Available To:

Private/Group Charm and Etiquette Classes

Birthday and Graduation Parties

Gentleman Etiquette

Brownie and Girl Scouts of

Pub./Pvt. and Home School

Clubs, Churches and Civic Organizations

Cotillion Preparation

Tea Parties

Special Event Preparation

Business Staff Development

469 384-1099 (Please leave a message)

Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex

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